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Massage Therapies

Massage treatments not only reduce stress, ease tension, and relieve aches and pains but also can improve circulation, strengthen connective tissue, promotes more restful sleep and strengthen the immune system.

Swedish Massage (60 minute)
Swedish Massage (90 minute)
Warm Stone (60 minute)
Deep Tissue/Sports (60 minute)
Deep Tissue/Sports (90 minute)
Prenatal (60 minute)
(past first trimester)
Time Savvy Treatments
(can be added to any Massage service)
Swedish Massage (30 minutes)
Deep Tissue (30 minutes)
Reflexology (15 minutes)
$90.00 and up
$133.00 and up
$115.00 and up
$100.00 and up
$145.00 and up
$90.00 and up
$66.00 and up
$76.00 and up
$15.00 and up